Andy GrottoOne-Stop Shopping for Complete OTA Library

I came across this really cool resource today and thought I’d share it with my fellow wonks. It’s the complete library of reports prepared by the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, with links to the full text of each report.

Many of the OTA reports are classics in the field of nonproliferation, such as the June 1977 wonkfest Nuclear Proliferation and Safeguards, which weighs in at more than 1300 pages (including appendices). Enjoy.

OTA was among the many sensible governmental resources that Newt Gingerich’s so-called “Republican Revolution” put before a firing squad in 1994-1995. Kudos to the University of North Texas’s CyberCemetary Project for making these resources so readily available.

Jeffrey adds at 1:40 pm that Congressman Rush Holt has led the fight to restore OTA.


  1. Stephen Schwartz (History)

    Actually, Princeton University has been hosting OTA’s legacy documents for at least a decade in a much more user friendly format.

  2. Andy Grotto

    thanks stephen

  3. Joe Cirincione (History)

    Thanks to both of you. I have been looking for just such resources.

  4. Arduus (History)

    Hmm, Rep. Holt’s press release is from July 2006.

    And the Dems have had majorities in both houses since January 2007. So where’s OTA?

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