Jane VaynmanThink and Drink Next Thursday

T&D Happy Hour is happening on Thursday August 2. The usual: Big Hunt, upstairs, 6pm and on.

We will be discussing pressing issues of national security, such as my personal favorite topics: world leaders on personal transport devices, Russian poisonings, and animal spies of any kind. Oh, and drinking beer. Naturally.

Don’t miss it. Jeffrey may jet off to another fancy conference any minute now, so its next Thursday or bust.

Please invite anyone who gasp does not read the blog.


  1. Haninah (History)

    Can we also discuss “MRAPs: Security breakthrough or planet-destroying menace?”http://blog.wired.com/defense/2007/07/25000-to-rent-f.html

  2. Arrigo (History)

    “Chipmunks vs. Squirrels: cracking the nut of delivering timely intelligence”