Jane VaynmanRussia Goodbye

This is it. My last day in Moscow.

Some last notes from the motherland? Well, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke at the Carnegie Moscow Center yesterday. I spent the morning worrying about how not to get him stuck in the elevator and making small talk with the security people.

More details on Lavrov’s talk – a few points about the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty and missile defense- when I get a transcript in a few days. For now I will just point out that he is 1) very tall – I guess I somehow expected all top officials to be around Putin’s stature – and 2) very tan…vacation on the beach? solarium at home? It’s unclear.


I am off to pack and triple check all the little slips of paper I need in order to be let out of the country. I’m sure I will see some of you at the Carnegie Nonproliferation Conference next week.