Jane VaynmanHow 80's Pop Protects You from the Nukes

So I am skimming a strange little article in The Sun, which starts out about Putin threatening to point missiles at Europe and then somehow moves on to quoting the Clash. Why are there articles about missiles in tabloids? Why do I click on these links? Who knows.

But in any case, suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I notice something far more entertaining:



HERE’S your chance to win your very own nuclear fallout shelter worth £5,000.


For your chance to win, answer this question: Which British band had a hit song in the Eighties featuring the line “You’re About As Easy As A Nuclear War”?

Send the answer, your name and contact details to: NUCLEAR BUNKER, The Sun, 1 Virginia Street, London E98 1SN.

The Sun cannot guarantee this shelter will withstand a nuclear war.

It’s Duran Duran. But, more importantly, this bunker looks completely inadequate and I have decided not to enter the contest anyway.

I’ve previously pointed out a number of good bunker options. In fact, I pretty sure this is a garage.


  1. Andy (History)

    Speaking of “recycling” nuclear infrastructure the well-to-do have this option.

  2. Sean Meade (History)

    Let’s do another one!

    Which British solo artist had a hit song in the Eighties featuring the line ‘Believe me when I say to you/I hope the Russians love their children, too’


  3. abcd (History)

    That would be Sting, from The Dream of the Blue Turtles album.

    Do I win a nuclear shelter now?