Jane VaynmanVote fast, contest ends tomorrow

We have selected Елена Изотова as the ACW favorite for Miss Atom. She is #6 on the list already so we just need to bump her up a few spots.

Elena is a nuclear waste reprocessing engineer at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in Ukraine.

Click here for the main Miss Atom site. Enter your email in the box. They send you a link to vote. Find Елена and under her profile click 1 место (first place).

(Cut and paste link if the other does not work: http://miss2007.nuclear.ru/anketa.html?id=164)


  1. Russ Wellen (History)

    I was prepared to help out, but you’re not making this easy.

    “Find Елена and under her profile click 1 место (first place).”

    Where is she?

  2. Jane (History)

    They alternate the alphabetical order, but currently, page two, right hand column, 12 rows from the bottom.

  3. Lilo

    How come we have hotel hairdressers and students of public administration amongst the entrants? They are no more an atom worker than I am…

  4. Andy (History)

    No doubt the Russians will see ACW’s attempt to engineer a win for your favorite candidate as yet another example of hostile imperialist action designed to weaken and marginalize it. Have you no shame?

  5. yale (History)

    Yelena Kamenskaya has been voted the most beautiful woman in the nuclear industry of the former Soviet Union. She won the title Miss Atom 2007 in an online voting contest staged by the Russian nuclear news service, Nuclear.ru. The Moscow-based 24-year-old employee of Eleron, a physical protection equipment manufacturer, received a mink coat. Anastasia Pletnava of Novosibirsk chemical concentrate plant, and Tatiana Rodnykh from a television station in Kurchatov town, received a gold and diamond jewellery set and a Swiss watch respectively for their second and third positions. The professional credentials of Kamenskaya and the other 300 contestants are unknown, but she lists her hobbies as aerobics and ice skating while her dream is to take a trip around the world.