Jane VaynmanMiss Atom Vote!

It is time. The voting has started.

(Read about the Miss Atom contest – and our plan – in my prior post.)

We will be taking nominations for our ACW pick for the next few days. Comment away.

In an authoritarian manner, Jeffrey and I will select the official ACW favorite. Then everyone will vote. The voting closes on March 6.

Our beauty queen will be victorious.


  1. Haninah (History)

    How are we supposed to distinguish which of the dozens of Inas or Yulias or Svetlanas it is we’re talking about?

  2. Brent Logan (History)

    It looks like someone named Анастасия Плетнёва already has more than 1300 votes. That will be difficult to overcome.

    At least, that’s what I think I saw. I can’t read anything on the site. For all I know, you’ve provided a link to a Russian dating site. 😉

  3. Robot Economist (History)

    Does letting us cast votes before they are brushed aside constitute technocratic authoritarism? Seems like it would be in keeping the Russian theme, no?

    I think Elena Kamyenskaya (I can read a little Russian, but not enough to translate last names well) is worth a vote. She’s currently at the head of the pack and with good reason:


  4. FF

    The first Оксана is the least overwhelmingly Slavic of the choices on the first page, IMO: http://miss2007.nuclear.ru/anketa.html?id=5

    Not that I have anything against looking (much less being) Slavic, but in such a sea it helps to stand out a little…

  5. A. Tikhonov (History)

    Actually, Anastasia Pletnyova is two votes behind Elena Kamenskaya…and is eleven votes in front of Tatiana Rodnykh…so ACW may well be able to give the victory to a favorite among those three…

    Лидеры конкурса1. Елена Каменская 1328 2. Анастасия Плетнёва 1326 3. Татьяна Родных 1315

  6. Ben (History)

    If no one else wants to take the plunge…

    I’ll pick the outsider Евгения

    She’s cute and doesn’t look like she is taking the thing very seriously.

    @Brent – 1300 votes, schmotes. ACW readers will overcome!

  7. Gridlock (History)

    Jebus, there’s an awful lot of hotness for what I presumed what quite a niche market.

    I wonder if MI6 is recruiting any man-sparrows right now?

  8. Don (History)

    Natalya Zubareva – anyone who can look good in a safety helmet deserves the title! But does she want a warmth of home, or better heating at the flat? 😉

  9. Andy (History)

    One of the Katherines (Екатерина) really scared me. She looks about 14 and is even hugging a teddy bear in the picture. A quick check shows that she’s 20 thankfully:


    One nice thing that’s sure to make the “self-esteem” crowd happy is that no one seems to have less than 200 votes.

    Finally, I wonder if any wonkers here are secretly cross-checking the names with Russian buy-a-bride websites. 🙂

  10. Cosmic Ray (History)

    I like Наталья on the first page because she already has her own hard hat, clearly a plus for Miss Atom! As a bonus, it appears she also has her own ear protection (or maybe a just a womping big iPod, which is almost as good)

  11. Jeremy (History)

    I have to go with Cde. FF above: Скицко Оксана Ярославовна. Too bad she’s getting trounced in the voting (I think…)

  12. Gridlock (History)

    Cosmic Ray,

    Russian iPods aren’t that big!


  13. Tim (History)

    I am not at all convinced that this is a free and fair election. Look at the top 20:

    1. Елена Каменская 14722. Татьяна Родных 14723. Екатерина Варава 14704. Анастасия Плетнёва 14455. Дина Яговкина 13766. Елена Изотова 12637. Анна Дёмина 11728. Ольга Воронкова 10509. Екатерина Пипенко 101010. Ирина Афонина 96711. Екатерина Орлова 94112. Елена Ткаченко 92313. Юлия Маслова 84614. Дарья Пакулина 84515. Ирина Мызина 82216. Ольга Воронина 78017. Алена Ошуркова 77518. Светлана Дробышева 72819. Юлия Иванова 70220. Мария Теменева 681

    A perfect tie for 1st at the moment, with 3rd within 2 and almost nobody with less than 300 (but a lot between 300 and 500).

    I think we need international monitors on this. Where is the Carter Center when we really need them?