Jane VaynmanHot or Not?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the hottest Russian woman working in the nuclear industry of them all?

Nuclear.ru and Rosatom are set to crown this year’s . . . MISS ATOM!

Who has what it takes to win? After months of primary research watching the Moscow streets, I’ve gleaned a few tips for turning the slavic heads:

  • Make Up: the more the better. When you cannnot see any part of your natural face, you have one more layer to go.
  • Hair: Don’t tease, provoke. Bigger is better and, like the ever-present mullets waving in the Moscow wind, the 80’s is always the most fashionable choice.

Don’t end up like this forlorn women dreaming of a stable currency or this artsy hippy chick who is so not going to win.

Oh, wait, the most important part of this post. The contest is based on online voting. Do you have any idea how many readers we have at ACW?

The voting begins February 20. We will “discuss” our designee then.


  1. RS (History)

    I wonder if the US nuclear industry is as, ummm…, appetizing?

  2. I'll take "Things Fissionable" for $24 million, Alex (History)

    ha. i was in moscow in november and i never saw so many mullets in my life, or man purses for that matter. moscow’s like the 80’s got stuck in cleveland, forever. plus vodka.

    i look forward to casting my ballot.

  3. Ben (History)

    The new Miss Atom won’t just have to aviod the Eco-Terrorists and the Peace Activists. No – She will also have to avoid the PETAns. You got it.

    First prize is a Mink Coat.

  4. John F. Opie (History)

    Hi – I just have one question:

    Do they glow in the dark???

  5. James (History)


    The U.S. had their own pageant in the 1950’s. DOE has a great two-pager on it here: http://www.nv.doe.gov/library/factsheets/DOENV_1024.pdf

  6. John-Michael (History)

    Tough choice. I think I would have to go with Ткаченко Елена Александровна though.

  7. thermopile

    Having been at the winter meeting of the American Nuclear Society in Albuquerque, NM in November, I can definitively say we can’t hold a candle to the depth of the Russian team. A few bright spots, to be sure, but not nearly as prolific – or as racy. My Russian is … um … nyet, so what are the requirements to be considered for Miss Atom? Being able to spell “USSR”?

  8. Anya Loukianova (History)

    Oh, no! I hope this isn’t turning into a mail order bride contest… RosAtom needs all the ladies it can get!

  9. MTC (History)

    “dreaming of a stable currency”?

    The rouble is stable; indeed, it is a bit overpowered.

    Russia paid off its IMF loans long ago and has over US$300 billion in currency reserves. It added about US$118 billion to its reserves in 2006 alone.