Jane VaynmanMore Iran and more Israeli bunkers

We are on a whole Iran kick here so I felt that I should get in on the fun.

First, check out this article, A Win-Win U.S. Strategy for Dealing with Iran in the current issue of Washington Quarterly.

The authors think that the US should, peacefully, promote democracy to deal with Iran’s nuclear ambitions:

In the long run, the only solution to Iran’s nuclear threat is the emergence of a democratic Iran. In the short run, the sole way to mitigate the Iranian nuclear threat is to alter Tehran’s motivations for acquiring these weapons.

A Daily Show skit comes to mind, from about a year ago I think. There was a cartoon sequence mimicking the travel guide… “Lets Go! BOMB Iran.” So I hear this “Lets go! Democratize Iran” refrain going on in my head, with little cartoon people waving papers and signs.

Seriously though, I thought about it and even read the article a few times, and decided that I think it makes almost no sense, at least on its main point – the democracy to solve the nuclear issue thing. So, if you feel like scratching your head for a while, good luck, article link is above.


Next, a while ago I blogged about Israeli bomb shelters as primo Hanukah gifts. Russian Newsweek has a feature this week on the boom in shelter construction, calling it “bunkeromania.”

The article says that more and more people in Israel believe that Iran will eventually have the bomb, while US presence in the region will decline. Bomb shelters are up there the yachts and private planes as symbols of wealth. Yet interestingly, Israelis like to keep their bomb shelter projects secret, including even secrecy clauses in building contracts. (So you might want to go with a gift certificate.)

Another notable point: the massive government bunker being constructed outside of Jerusalem is supposed to be completed in 2011. Familiar sounding time frame… oh that’s right, worst case estimates for Iran’s nuclear program.


And finally, happy holiday festivities! I even found the link to Jeffrey’s Glitter Tree post from last year, which is still amazing. Google Earth has a Santa Tracker, which, in case you were about to ask, is in synch with the NORAD Santa Tracker.


  1. mark

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the “worst case scenario” for Iranian nukes has been every 5 year for the last 25 years.

  2. mark


    “But, Stern says, there could be merit to Iran’sassertion that it needs nuclear power for civilianpurposes “as badly as it claims.”

    He said oil production is declining and both gas andoil are being sold domestically at highly subsidizedrates.

    At the same time, Iran is neglecting to reinvest inits oil production.

    “With an explosive demand at home and poor management,the appeal of nuclear power, financed by Russia, couldfill a real need for production of more electricity.”