Jane VaynmanOnly you can prevent forest fires

And also, naturally, terrorist use of shipping containers to transport dirty bombs into the U.S.

U.S. Customs and Border Control needs your help.

From the Container Security Initiative website:

If you have information concerning possible terrorist use of shipping containers to smuggle weapons or other items, you may be entitled to a reward for the information provided. Please email us with your information at containersecurity@dhs.gov.

So many questions…. How much spam do they get? How many crazies? How many interns working at a rate of x emails per hour does it take do delete the junk? What kind of reward are we talking here?

More seriously though, I came across this April 2006 report from The Office of the Second Line of Defense explaining the implementation process SLD and the Megaports Initiative. Nothing too technical or especially curious, just a nice step by step outline of what happens and who does what. It looks like someone was really excited about making a flow chart at the end… background color, gradient. Too bad the process is so linear; so much chart enthusiasm in such an uneventful graphic.