Paul KerrUNSC Iran Resolution

The FT has the text of the draft UNSC resolution that the US, France and the UK introduced.

These are the most interesting portions, IMO. Note the blank.

Concerned by the proliferation risks presented by the Iranian nuclear programme, mindful of the threat to international peace and security and its responsibilities in this regard, and determined to prevent an aggravation of the situation,

• Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,

• Calls upon Iran without further delay to take the steps required by the IAEA Board of Governors in its resolution GOV/2006/14, which are essential to build confidence in the exclusively peaceful purpose of its nuclear programme and to resolve outstanding questions,

• Decides, in this regard, that Iran shall suspend all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities, including research and development, to be verified by the IAEA, and suspend the construction of a reactor moderated by heavy water,

• Expresses the conviction that such suspension as well as full, verified Iranian compliance with the requirements set out by the IAEA Board of Governors, would contribute to a diplomatic, negotiated solution that guarantees Iran’s nuclear programme is for exclusively peaceful purposes, and underlines the willingness of the international community to work positively for such a solution which will also benefit nuclear non-proliferation elsewhere,


• Requests in [blank] days a report from the Director General of the IAEA on the process of Iranian compliance with the steps required by the IAEA Board and the above decisions, to the IAEA Board of Governors and in parallel to the Security Council for its consideration,

• Expresses its intention to consider such further measures as may be necessary to ensure compliance with this resolution and decides that further examination will be required should such additional steps be necessary,

• Notes that full verified compliance by Iran, confirmed by the IAEA Board, would avoid the need for such additional steps,

I would simply note that, if the UNSC means that it will leave Iran alone if Tehran complies, then the resolution should actually say that. That last sentence seems kinda vague.

And according to the FT, the Chinese aren’t fans:

The move was backed by the US, but faced continued Russian and Chinese resistance to use of the UN’s tough chapter 7 enforcement powers, which determine a threat to international peace and security, and can be used to authorize sanctions or military force. “I don’t think this draft as it stands now will produce good results,” said Wang Gunagya, China’s UN ambassador.


  1. eearlk (History)

    Since the great and mighty US has already said that they will not allow Iran to have nuclear power or nuclear ‘know-how’, what incentive do the Iranians have to play this game at all? Treaty says you can, but the US says you can’t because we say so, whay even sign a treaty?

    What a great world model we have.

  2. Hass (History)

    Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations…is baloney. Iran’s IAEA-monitored, NPT-compliant, economically-jusitified, and US-backed nuclear program does not pose a threat to world security, and so invoking Chapter 7 is a hypocritical sham of laughable proportions…and everyone can see that.