Aaron SteinThe Bombing of Hiroshima

In this week’s podcast, Jeffrey speaks to Aaron live from Hiroshima. Seventy years after the first use of nuclear weapons, Aaron and Jeffrey discuss the decision to use the bomb, the bureaucracy underpinning American nuclear decision-making, and the role of nuclear weapons in the twenty-first century.


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  1. George William Herbert (History)

    Bless you for the MP3 download option; there are days the streaming feed fails miserably for me.

  2. Bradley Laing (History)


    “Over the years, I have met dozens of World War II veterans who shake my hand and tell me that if my grandfather hadn’t ordered the use of atomic bombs against Japan, they would likely have died in an invasion of the country’s home islands.
    I also have friends who have suffered terribly because of my grandfather’s decision. They are survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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