Aaron SteinNorth Korea’s Submarine Launched Missile

In May, North Korea released pictures of the Kim Jong Un watching the launch of what appears to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile. Jeffrey sits down with Melissa Hanham and Dave Schmerler to discuss open source and the DPRK’s SLBM program.


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  1. J_kies (History)

    Melissa – glad to hear you plan to take Mr Occam out to give Jeffrey a shave. Dave, you do the appropriate diligence of looking up source directly.

    Jeffrey; could you edit the post to add links to all the mentioned videos (with context) to help those ‘playing at home’?

    Ok after you get past the missile (which the US is meant to view as an OEM R-27) the submarine etc. what are we meant to think this program represents in terms of regime aspirations? A SSB/SLBM (nuclear armed?) program represents a significant fraction of DPRK GDP.

  2. George William Herbert (History)

    I think the weapons programs are increasingly good attempts to veto an attempt at regime change.

    Hopefully, someone there strategically has enough sense to realize that they cannot stably continue with conventional military provocations of the prior types while building a deterrent nuclear force. A NK which stops the shellings and torpedos and DMZ meeting point attacks will be a lot easier to get along with. So far… hard to tell.

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