Aaron SteinCruisin’

What’s up with Taiwan’s cruise missile program? What in the world compelled the Taiwanese government to deploy the HF-2E in poorly disguised civilian trucks? And how cool is it that Taiwan displayed the HF-2E’s engine?

To get to the bottom of Taiwan’s cruise missile program, Aaron and Jeffrey speak with Dennis Gormley, the author of Missile Contagion and A Low Visibility Force Multiplier, about the proliferation of cruise missiles, the lack of an effective cruise missile defense, and Taiwan’s efforts to date.


  1. AEL (History)

    I note with interest that I don’t see any HF-2E missiles. Rather, I see what looks like poorly disguised HF-2E missile launcher *trucks*.

    i.e. The missiles do, in fact, have a roof over them. Clever comments on how, as opposed to other countries, the Americans built more fully functional silos than mobile missiles may have have a more modern analog, except not in America, and the silos themselves are mobile.

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