Aaron SteinWhere is Kim Jong-Un?

Where is Kim Jong-Un? Is he sick? Has there been a coup? Or is North Korea simply trolling DPRK watchers?

Today, Jeffrey and Aaron speak with Andrea Berger, a Research Fellow at RUSI, about North Korea, Kim Jong-Un’s whereabouts, the DPRK’s nuclear doctrine, and whether or not North Korea wants to be seen as a responsible nuclear state.

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  1. Wicher (History)

    Discomfort was as far as NK media could go. Broken ankles? No way. The Supreme leader limping was controversial enough. Besides recuperating he’s losing weight and that takes time, he has lots of it. No change in leadership. No coup. We are being trolled big time. He will return with both feet stern on the ground. I would put money on it.

  2. George William Herbert (History)

    You successfully summoned him! Bravo!

    • John Schilling (History)

      OK, now who has the binding ritual?