Aaron SteinRussia and the INF: Don’t Call it a Circumvention

What should we make of the United States’ conclusion that Russia has violated the INF? What do we know about the violation? What is the substance of the State Department’s arms control compliance report finding? What do we know about the ground launched cruise missile alleged to have violated the Treaty? How does the GLCM differ from the RS-26? Does this have anything to do with Ukraine? And what should the United States do about the alleged violation?

Today, Aaron and Jeffrey talk Russian missiles, the INF, and Obama’s policy options.

Jeffrey and Aaron discussed a number of articles, videos, and images during the podcast:

Jeffrey Lewis, “The Problem with Russia’s Missiles,” Foreign Policy, 29 July 2014.

Podcast: The INF and the Dismemberment of Ukraine, April 20, 2014. (We recorded this from the bottom of a well)

Jeffrey Lewis, “An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile by any Other Name,” Foreign Policy, April 25, 2014.

Hans M. Kristensen, “Russia Declared In Violation Of INF Treaty: New Cruise Missile May Be Deploying.” Federation of American Scientists, July 30, 2014.

Michael R. Gordon, “U.S. Says Russia Tested Cruise Missile, Violating Treaty,” The New York Times, July 28, 2014.

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