Aaron SteinMissiles on Parade: The Saudi DF-3

Jeffrey and I discuss the Saudi decision to unveil the Kingdom’s DF-3 missiles. The conversation begins with a brief discussion about the Saudi missile program and includes our thoughts on the likely reasons for the decision to bring the Saudi missile force “out of the closet.” The analysis builds on the conclusions Jeffrey published in Foreign Policy, as well as a recent RUSI study detailing the regional responses to Iran’s nuclear program.



  1. Marius (History)

    I found a MEMRI TV video about the saudi military parade on youtube, which has english subtitles. At 1:20 it says, that these missiles are “flashes of lightning, carrying deadly poison.”


    Are the saudis already capable of equipping their missiles with chemical warheads, or is that just a bluff?

  2. nukeman (History)

    People should also read the recent document published by Norman Cigar on Thinking about Nuclear Weapons in Saudi Arabia. He has written a number of excellent documents on the Middle East all of which are available publically. I also believe that there is an undated version of his 2013 document on Saudi Arabia’s thinking in the nuclear area,

  3. Cthippo (History)

    I like the podcasts, but you guys need to do something about the audio quality on Jeffrey’s end. Not sure iof it needs a better microphone, or a higher quality CODEC or what, but something.

    • Jeffrey (History)

      We’ve tried to improve the sound quality. Take a listen to the newest podcast on Iran.

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