Michael KreponReminder! Year-End Contest

This year we’re switching things up. Instead of combing through lyrics about the Bomb, we’re doing movie monsters linked to the evils of nuclear testing. How many of these  creatures made it to the big screen? (Godzilla, in various permutations, counts as one.)  I’ll hold on to your lists until year’s end. The ACW reader who goes the extra mile and comes up with the longest list of bomb-related cinematic creations will receive the usual prize: a personally inscribed and autographed copy of one of my remaindered books.


  1. OT (History)

    Do post nuclear war monsters qualify?

    Damnation Alley’s giant cocroaches and killer bugs, did I earn two?

  2. Nige (History)

    Them! The first one apparently to feature creatures of a nuclear test.
    Now I was always a fan of Tremors and the graboids, shriekers etc. It is a good few years since I watched them but I recall that one explanation was that nuclear testing in Nevada woke up centuries dormant monsters or caused the mutations to occur.
    There are 5 tremors films now.

    • krepon (History)

      Wasn’t “Them” about giant mutant ants?

  3. Nige (History)

    …and I wonder if you would allow “the incredible hulk”, original versions had the hulk created during testing of a gmmabomb. However in later versions he is created by being irradiated in an ORTEC Gammasphere, a writers license since the gammaspere measures radiation but doesn’t generate any itself.

    • krepon (History)

      Holy mackerel. This is getting complicated.

  4. Nige (History)

    Yes, giant ants. I saw it as a young child and was quite scared