Michael KreponGuest Interview

I’m here with occasional ACW contributor Chauncey Gardiner, who has consented to a rare interview.

MK: Chauncey, long time, no hear. What have you been up to?

CG: Weeding.

MK: That has to be a no-win proposition. Weeds propagate like crazy, and you have only two hands.

CG: You’re missing the point. Weeding isn’t about winning; it’s about not losing. Surely, you can relate to this.

MK: Not exactly. I like to win. And foundations are not thrilled with grant proposals to avoid losing.

CG: What about temporary victories?

MK: New fund-raising territory for me.

CG: Weeding is all about temporary victories. Without them, you lose. And with enough temporary victories, you can tip the scales in your favor.

MK: I’m listening.

CG: Big victories are rare and are never truly permanent. They have to be maintained. And if you can’t win big victories, hold your ground and methodically extend your perimeters.

MK: Thanks for the landscaping advice. Where are you going?

CG: Gotta run. The Japanese stilt grass is going to seed.


  1. Don (History)

    This is why I love ACW. Thanks!!!!!

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