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Over the course of a year, you enter e-book territory when you write, on average, 800 words a week for ACW.

This site’s capabilities for retrieving material by subject matter are still a work in progress. For this flimsy reason, but mostly as a vanity project, I’ve self-published my posts from 2012, along with a few other pieces, between electronic covers.

Volume two of Rummaging through Shoeboxes is now available from Amazon at the rock-bottom price of $2.99.

The first volume of Rummaging, which includes posts from 2009-2011, is also available online for the same price.

All proceeds will go toward landscaping projects.


  1. marjorie (History)

    Your bio should say the “MacArthur-award-winning Stimson Center”!

    • krepon (History)

      truth in promo-ing:
      ‘marjorie’ is not unknown to me.