Jeffrey LewisChanges

There are going to be a lot of changes at Arms Control Wonk over the next month, including the departure of a few friends, the arrival of new ones and a spiffy new site.

For my part, blogging may be scarce over the next few weeks as I anticipate the arrival of the RRW — the Reliable Replacement Wonk.

As you can see from the card made by my friend and polymath Stephanie Kaplan — she of breeding and feeding fame, as well as the Ms. and Mrs. empire — I am (with a little luck) about to go on paternity leave.

I will be periodically checking email and maybe even blogging a bit.


  1. Jeremy

    Congratulations, Jeff!

  2. BJR


  3. Tom B.

    Awesome card!

    Endorsing its message,

  4. KB

    Congratulations! wish you and family the best,

  5. Andy (History)

    Congrats! Awesome card! We just had our third. Be sure to have some wonkporn ready for those sleepless nights.

  6. Hairs (History)

    Congratulations Jeffrey; just beware the tails discharge – the enrichment exceeds all calculations! 🙂

  7. Philipp Bleek

    Must have been a leftover card from the batch Hallmark made up for A.Q.

    Congrats, Jeffrey!

  8. Stephanie (History)

    Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting! Hope you guys are getting your sleep now!

  9. Terry

    Congratulations! May your battle for sleep not be too asymmetric.

  10. GM


  11. Max Postman (History)


  12. Donnie P (History)

    Best wishes and congratulations!!!

  13. Joe Harlan (History)