Jeffrey LewisSummer Study on Arms Control 1960

Well, you were going to get a post on the 2010 Nuclear Posture Review and the “clean” Negative Security Assurance — until I checked my mailbox.

This bad boy arrived.

This is the collected papers — and meeting notes — of the American Academy’s 1960 summer study on Arms Control.

A couple of guys named Schelling and Halperin used the meeting as the basis of a subsequent book, Strategy and Arms Control. Yeah.

Strategy and Conflict got a marvelous review in the Harvard Crimson titled, Two New Studies on Arms Control: Only Schelling’s Worth Reading. The review contains some basic details about the Summer Study.

It is not easy to get a copy — the print run was not for the general reader. The volume was distributed on a by-request basis. The American Academy required requests in writing and “stating in detail the nature of the need for the volume.” The volume is “not for quotation or attribution without the explicit permission of the author concerned.”

I am psyched to have a copy.

Actually, the picture is Mort Halperin’s copy. But mine looks exactly the same.


  1. Steven Dolley (History)

    Don’t just brag … SCAN !! Please.