Jeffrey LewisSchelling at New America on Friday

So, I go to meetings on “deterring Iran” all the time where someone says “I think Thomas Schelling would say …”

The funny thing is, Tom is still around. And he has actual opinions on the issue. One needn’t perform exegesis on Strategy and Conflict or try to extrapolate from Arms and Influence. You can just ask him what he thinks.

So, Steve Clemons and I did! Tom is coming to the New America Foundation to talk about our interests in managing a nuclear-armed Iran.

So come join us at the New America Foundation on Friday at 12:15.

Thinking Through the Thinkable on a Nuclear Iran

Please join the New America Foundation for a conversation with Nobel prize winner Tom Schelling.


featured speaker
Thomas C. Schelling
Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland
Winner, 2005 Nobel Prize in Economics

Jeffrey Lewis
Director, Nuclear Strategy and Nonproliferation Initiative
New America Foundation

Steve Clemons
Director, American Strategy Program
New America Foundation
Publisher, The Washington Note

Event Time and Location
Friday, April 16, 2010 – 12:15pm – 1:45pm
New America Foundation
1899 L Street NW Suite 400
Washington, DC, 20036


  1. KNS (History)

    Already signed up – I’ll be there!

  2. Julian Borger (History)

    Can we watch online?

  3. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    I think it will be live streamed here.

  4. Cameron (History)

    Wonderful, I’m looking forward to watching!

  5. MK (History)

    Wise decision.
    As Paul Newman said (and I paraphrase) when asked whether he strayed from his marriage vows, “Why eat out for hamberger when you can have steak at home?”

  6. Ben Katcher (History)
  7. nick (History)

    IRI attacking Europe or US with post Sajil 2 missiles has zero credibility from their security calculus or engineering know-how points of view. But our experts in meetings, as in this one, continue to push this highly improbable position. One wonders why?

  8. Amsterdam

    No comments at all about this development (19.x% fuel):

    …and this “armscontrol” event:

  9. yousaf

    Interesting that Schelling came out against missile defense. Please post the transcript when you have it.

  10. Josh (History)

    It’s off-topic, but I just had to share this anecdote from Gideon Rachman back in 2008:

    Sitting in the front room of his suburban house in Delhi, Shri K. Subrahmanyam, the doyen of Indian strategic thinkers, sips some tea, coughs a little – and remembers the moment he decided that India must develop nuclear weapons. “It was on a visit to America in 1968,” he recalls. “I saw all the top strategic thinkers. Kissinger, who was still at Harvard at the time, Schelling; it was after that, that I decided we must have the bomb. As a matter of national survival.”

    Clearly, nuclear proliferation is all Harvard’s fault!