Jeffrey LewisPPNT Deadline Coming Up

As you can see from the poster, the University of California-San Diego is hosting its annual Public Policy and Nuclear Threats course from July 16–August 6, 2010:

A rapidly evolving nuclear landscape poses major challenges and opportunities for the United States. The most critical of these issues include the growing threat of nuclear proliferation and terrorism, the renaissance of civilian nuclear power, and the pressing need to renew the country’s aging intellectual infrastructure of specialists equipped to address America’s nuclear weapons policies.

The Public Policy and Nuclear Threats course is designed to cover important issues in U.S. nuclear strategy and policy, supported by an understanding of the scientific foundations of this policy. This course aims to give participants the knowledge and analytic tools to contribute to the debate on future U.S. nuclear policy.

The course features lectures, discussions, debates and mini-workshops on a wide range of issues. Participants will attend talks by distinguished researchers, academics, policy officials, and operational specialists from the University of California system and other leading universities, the Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and federal government agencies dealing with nuclear policy, threat, detection, and safeguard issues.


For more information about any aspect of the program, please email igcc-recruiting [at]

The deadline is March 26.

I’ve participated the last two years; it’s been fun.

The big draw, though, is Linton Brooks, who is set to appear as a scholar-in-residence again. You can learn more about nuclear weapons by hanging out with Linton for two weeks than just about any other way I can imagine.

The fact that you can do so in sunny La Jolla is just gratuitous.