Jeffrey LewisOff To Beijing!

I am off to Beijing for the next week, to participate in the Seventh US-China Conference on Arms Control, Disarmament and Nonproliferation, co-hosted by the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association and the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

The image, obviously, is not from CACDA.

A free beer to anyone who can properly identify the name of this venerable Beijing watering-hole, redeemable in person and on location.


  1. tang (History)

    The Tree.

  2. BJR

    Looks like the no name bar but I could be wrong. Say hi to the jing gang for me.

  3. Stephen Young (History)

    hm, it’s not the first place we went that night, w/ the run down furniture but cool vibe, or the second, the back alley liquor store, or the third, the take out restaurant in the “american” neighborhood, or the fourth, that nice place by the lake where we traded wedding stories, or the fifth, the small dark bar around the corner, so either we didn’t go, or I am forgetting one stop. Fun night.

  4. RAJ47


  5. mec (History)

    raffles i think.

  6. J House (History)

    The ‘arms control’ community must have one of the largest carbon footprints of any of the NGO’s.
    Jeffery, how many air miles do you rack up in a typical year?

  7. Nik (History)

    No name bar on the shore of Qianhai

  8. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    BJR and Nik have it. BJR, I know when you’ll be in Beijing next. Nik, let me know if you have an opportunity to collect your winnings!

  9. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    Last year was 140K. This year will be just over 100K.

    I am going to miss my Global Services status.

  10. Azr@el (History)

    I think at over 100k, your still good to go as a GS. When it starts to dip below then is when they take away the little black card.

  11. Nik (History)

    Thanks! I will leave Beijing for Christmas on Saturday, and am busy all week, so I fear we have to postpone this to your next visit.

  12. Stephen Young (History)

    sorry, looking again, I am an idiot – it was the fourth place by the lake – I just spent more time looking out than in.