Jeffrey LewisCirincione on Colbert

Dear god.

The best part is the sanction, bomb, marry game.


  1. Andy (History)

    So you’re calling Colbert tomorrow to do a guest ACW post, right?

  2. Mark Gubrud

    I don’t envy Cirincione for having to play straight to the retractably-fanged Colbert, but perhaps in hindsight Joe would agree that the correct answer to “Sanction, Bomb, or Marry?” if you absolutely had to give one, would be to point out that we’re already bombing Pakistan, and sanctioning North Korea, while the one we’d really like to marry is Iran. She’s always had a thing for us, too, but we need to figure out a way to break her loose from that abusive boyfriend of hers (the dinnerjacket guy). Maybe a few discreet smiles and friendly gestures, then some serious sweet talk, instead of more threats?

  3. bruno

    Disagree. Best part is the AWESOME and unprecedented impersonation of a NW explosion by Colbert between 4’00” and 4’30”. Carnegie needs to have this guy as the keynote speaker for the next conference.

  4. Andreas Persbo

    Anyone has a link that works in the UK? We’re not allowed to view the Colbert report on-line…

  5. Philipp Bleek

    Dear god is right. And I second Bruno, the nuke impersonation is remarkable on so many levels, Colbert must have serious fact-checkers working for him, getting the nuclear effects right requires much more than just watching a few clips on the net (e.g. the reversal of wind direction). Kudos to Joe for keeping his cool and staying on message!

  6. bruno

    Andreas – if it works in France, it should work in the UK ;-).

  7. Stephen Schwartz (History)

    Agreed. Colbert’s pitch perfect (and hilarious) recreation of an explosion is hands down the best part of the segment (no offense to Joe). The guy’s got many hidden talents! It would be awesome to have him speak at Carnegie, though I suspect the organizers might fear he wouldn’t strike the right tone.

  8. MK (History)

    Ther best impersonation of the Nevada Test Site I’ve ever heard.

  9. film izle (History)

    Anyone has a link that works in the UK? We’re not allowed to view the Colbert report on-line…