Jeffrey LewisMianyang, From Space

Lots of good stuff coming in the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

I noticed that that GoogleEarth now has a June 2008 image of Mianyang, home to China’s weapons design and fabrication facilities, and which I visited in 2007. (The city, not the design and fabrication facilities.)

31°27’42.76“N, 104°44’27.25“E

Using GoogleEarth, I think I managed to find the statue of Deng Jiaxian (above), my hotel, and, of course, Science City.

Here are the placemarks.


  1. Sean O'Connor

    Mianyang is likely home to CAEP’s free electron laser weapons development program as well.

  2. RAJ47

    Please read this article by SOC to know the actual significance of Mianyang.

  3. RAJ47

    I sincerely hope your health is all right. I hope you did not fight with the mugger like you do with me. Take care. Sincerely wishing all the very best in all your future endeavours!!!