Jeffrey LewisTravis Sharp Takes a Poke at PONI

Travis Sharp avails himself of the opportunity to use a statement by the new Japanese Foreign Minister to take a swipe at the PONI blog:

Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada on Sunday called on the United States to make a pledge not to use nuclear weapons first. Okada is not from Hiroshima or Nagasaki, so is it okay to listen to what he says, PONI?

It is so nice not to be in the middle of one of these exchanges for a change.


  1. jwarden (History)

    Further discussion at PONI available here

  2. scud

    Could we have help from a Japanese-speaker? Some English translations of Okada’s remarks say “preemptive nuclear atttack”, others say “first strike”.

  3. T Nishi (History)

    The Mainichi Daily News article linked from jwarden’s link mistranslates “sensei fushiyo” as “no pre-emptive use” instead of “no first use,” probably from confusion with “sensei kogeki,” which indeed means “pre-emptive attack.”