Jeffrey LewisDF-31As On Parade Revisited

I am unable to turn off the autoplay, so you’ll have to click here for the post on the DF-31As in the Chinese National Day Parade:

You’ll want to turn your volume way, way down.


  1. RAJ47

    “ArmsControlWonk is profoundly tired of self-important commenters on his blog. Your comment will be approved when I f’ing feel like it.”
    “If you don’t like it, go someplace else. If you can’t find the strength to be polite, I will ban you from the comments.”
    Who needs the strength to be polite? You decide, I will accept the verdict.

  2. Jun Okumura (History)

    Hmm, so it’s the fault of the Chinese? So where have we heard that story before?

    OTOH,as a member of an endangered NEA subspecies, I guess I can roll with that…