Jeffrey LewisOff to Winnipeg

Things I know about Winnipeg:

1. It is the capital and largest city of Manitoba, Canada.

2. Bobby Hull played 411 games for the Winnipeg Jets, before the WHA merged with the NHL.

3. The University of Manitoba is hosting a workshop on the Future of US Nuclear Strategy.

I am attending the workshop and the Jets flew south to Phoenix, so if you have any suggestions about extracurricular activities in the capital and largest city of Manitoba, particularly those involving adult beverages, please do drop me a line:


  1. China Hand (History)

    Winnie the Pooh named after ursine in Winnipeg Zoo

  2. MK (History)

    Pheonix to Winnipeg??!!
    Who takes this flight? Hockey fans?

  3. Major Lemon (History)

    There is a total eclipse of the sun in Winnipeg in 1979 however you might not get there in time to see it.

  4. MK (History)

    …or is there a travel market for extreme temperature change?

  5. bradley laing (History)

    Diplomats have finished negotiating a Security Council resolution that affirms many of the steps Obama plans to pursue as part of his vision for an eventual “world without nuclear weapons.” They include a new worldwide treaty halting production of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium and the strengthening of the global Non-Proliferation Treaty, which has controlled the spread of nuclear weapons for decades but now is in danger of fraying.

    —55 minute old article, according to google news search, from Washington Post.

  6. Captain Canuck

    Bobby Hull came out of retirement and played 18 games for the Jets in the NHL, too.

    Went through my flight training in Manitoba many years ago, and spent many an evening in Winnipeg. Good arts & music scene – you just have to look hard.

    But the Oilers play an exhibition game vs Tampa in Winnipeg tonight. When in Rome…

  7. akak

    No potholes, they filled them with snow already.

  8. Ael (History)

    There is the small but nice Western Canada Aviation Museum in Winnipeg. It has a Black Brant rocket among other things.

  9. Tom F (History)

    Be glad mosquito season is over… Winnipeg has mosquitoes that can carry off large herbivores during the summer.

    But seriously… Winnipeg?