Jeffrey LewisPakistan Blocks Consensus in CD

For those us hoping that the Conference on Disarmament would get down to business on negotiation a Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty, Britain’s PermRep to the CD tweeted some very disappointing news:

Conference on Disarmament fails to unblock decision to start work on FMCT. Very disappointing that 1 country unable to join the compromise.

The “1 country” is Pakistan.

Reaching Critical Will has been following the ins and outs of Pakistani obstinance — even if one suspects that the particulars of the Pakistan’s objections, such as to the procedure for rotating the chair, belies Islamabad’s desire to keep churning out fissile material.

Reuters Jonathan Lynn also has a very good summary if you want a quick overview.


  1. FSB

    Oh shucks! You mean the one country this time wasn’t US-Israel?

  2. kme

    The US has more than enough fissile material.

  3. FSB

    the CD also discusses space security in tandem w/ FMCT — the US and Israel has been singlehandedly (and yes, I mean US and Israel single handedly) derailing the CD for decades.