Jeffrey LewisSTART Follow On Sessions

I keep hearing that there have been four rounds of START Follow On negotiations — but that omits two Presidential Summits, a meeting between lead negotiators in Rome and at least two “experts” meetings.

So I’ve tried to collect all of the START Follow On related meetings here, with dates and locations.

Corrections and/or additions are welcome.

START Follow-On Meetings

Round Locale Date Note
Geneva 13-21 November 2008 Initial meeting of experts
London 1 April 2009 Obama-Medvedev at G20
Rome 24 April 2009 Introductory meeting
I Moscow 19-20 May 2009 First Round
II Geneva 1-3 June 2009 Second Round
Moscow 15-16 June 2009 Interim meeting of experts
III Geneva 22-24 June 2009 Third Round
Moscow 6-7 July 2009 Obama-Medvedev Summit
IV Geneva 22-24 July 2009 Fourth Round


  1. Barry Blechman (History)

    There were several preliminary meetings among officials before the London O-M summit. One involved USS Burns in Moscow; later Sec Clinton met with FM Lavrov. Sorry, don’t recall the dates. There were probably other official meetings/contacts during that early period also. The Russians also sent clear signals to the new administration late in 2008 concerning their desired parameters for the START follow-on. A Russian delegation met with Americans at Carnegie in November; both Gottemoeller and Einhorn attended as private citizens as neither had been named to anything as yet. Also, Lavrov met with Bill Perry, Nunn etc in December in Moscow and conveyed the same message.

  2. anon (History)

    There were also numerous meetings during the Bush Administration, going back to 2006. They were at the Secretary, undersec, and Assistant Sec level.