Jeffrey LewisDonald Report

After the USAF shipped four Minuteman III nosecones to Taiwan, SECDEF Robert Gates asked Admiral Kirkland H. Donald to investigate the “facts and circumstances surrounding the accountability for, and shipment of, sensitive missile components to Taiwan.”

Gates eventually briefed the findings of the so-called Donald Report in June 2008, before deciding that “accountability” rested with Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne and Chief of Staff General Michael Moseley.

The rest of us wondered “Will We See the Donald Report?”

Yes! (With redactions, of course.)

Thanks to the wonders of FOIA, Arms Control has obtained a copy of the Donald Report, aka Investigation into the Shipment of Sensitive Missile Components to Taiwan (second site). (Thanks also to the hard work of program associate Katherine Tiedemann who handled all the paperwork.)

We’ve uploaded the whole document.

It is almost 200 pages. The file is 110 MB. Vaya con dios, amigos.

Update: Wonk super-reader Derek De Jong, aka StratWonk, created a smaller searchable file.