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Dan Pinkston pointed out this gem from KCNA:

Taedonggang Beer

Pyongyang, June 25 (KCNA) — The beers including black beer and rice beer made by the Taedonggang Beer Factory are these days popular with the Pyongyang citizens.

Beer houses are crowed with working people who look pleased with their successes in the current 150-day campaign.

It was Juche 91 (2002) that the just built Taedonggang Beer Factory began supplying beer to the citizens.

The cold and soft Taedonggang beer rich in gas content immediately came into great favor among the customers by catering to their tastes.

Its fermentation degree is 77.5 percent.

The beer houses distributed rationally in residential quarters regularly serve beer carried to them directly from the factory.

The refrigerator vans carrying beer have a traffic privilege on the streets of Pyongyang like cars carrying soybean milk to children.

The citizens call Taedonggang beer “cold yet warm beer” as it is associated with the warm care of General Secretary Kim Jong Il for the people.


  1. Rwendland (History)

    Hmmm. The brewery looks suspiciously like a certain installation in Iran 🙂

    Though the BBC tells us it is British equipment bought through a Gerrman agent. Should the NSG be told!

  2. Nomen Nescio (History)

    “fermentation degree”, listed in percent? does that even mean anything at all?

  3. Boom-Boom (History)

    [Shaffer ad tune]Taedonggang is the one beer to have when you’re only having one (and it has got to last you for three days)…[/Shaffer ad tune]

  4. Matthew Murphy (History)

    Fermentation degree is the percentage of the starting extract (wort) that is converted into the alcohol and CO2 in beer.

  5. Nukem (History)

    I had the luxury to taste a few fresh Taedonggong’s from the tap at the Koryo hotel’s bar in Pyongyang. It’s actually not bad brew—I’ve had much worse!

  6. V.S. (History)

    It can’t be worst than *** or *** ***** or *****.

    The first liquer store that manages to import it to the West will have our immense admiration. Before consumption however it wouldn’t do any harm to run some isotopics at Seibersdorf…

  7. FSB

    Tastes great — less firring!