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Joe Cirincione has a blog, which is good.

He also tweets which is great. I am addicted to his morning news summary, Morning Joe.


  1. Andrew Tubbiolo (History)

    Jeffery, with regards to your Washington Post/Morning Joe article “U.S.-Russian Team Deems Missile Shield in Europe Ineffective”. Is there a technical elaboration we could read? Can you elaborate as to why a European based ABM cannot engage a missile attack from Iran on Europe? Is there some delta v limitation, or inability of the US ABM system to engage a target with a large orthogonal velocity component?

    The Russians insist that a European ABM system is meant to blunt a Russian strike against the US. I have not simulated this to check the technical validity of the claim, do you know of any sources for this as well?

  2. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    It is by the EastWest Institute. Click here.

    The participants were:

    United States:

    Philip Coyle, Senior Advisor, Center for Defense Information;

    Richard Garwin, IBM Fellow Emeritus, Thomas Watson Research Center;

    Ambassador James Goodby, Nonresident Senior Fellow, the Brookings Institution;

    Siegfried S. Hecker, Co-Director of CISAC and Professor (Research), Department of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University;

    David Holloway, Raymond A. Spruance Professor of International History, Stanford University;

    Theodore A. Postol, Professor of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Russian Federation:

    Grigory Chernyavsky, Director of the Earth Space Monitoring Scientific Center, Correspondent Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences;

    General (Ret.) Viktor Koltunov, Deputy Director, Institute for Strategic Stability;

    Leonid Ryabikhin, Executive Secretary of the Committee of Scientists for Global Security and Arms Control and Senior Fellow, EastWest Institute;

    Vitaly Shyukin, Head of Lab, Russian Federal Nuclear Center “Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics” (VNIITF);

    Boris Vinogradov, Professor, Moscow Aviation Institute;

    Nikolay Voloshin, Assistant Director, VNIITF.

  3. Nukem (History)

    Is there a reason that Joe’s head is as big as Henry’s?

  4. Tom B.

    on the EastWest Institute’s page (follow Jeffrey’s link), if you scroll to the bottom, there are two links to Ted Postol’s technical appendices.

    Tom B.

  5. Major Lemon (History)

    Morning Joe at first glance seems to be a head-long campaign for disarmament >yawn< rather than a forum for balanced debate about arms control. Lets stick to the issues.

  6. MJ (History)

    Pakistan do have a far more extensive delivery systems than India which relies only one short range Prithvi missile with range of 150 to 300 km and very limited no of Agni-II that is just tested after decades by Indian armed forces first time and

    On the other hand Pakistan have Raad ALCM for air force with range of 350km (CEP of 3m)and Babur cruise missile (CEP of 3m) for GLCM/SLCM with 750km range along with Shaheen-1 and Shaheen-2 with ranges of 700km to 2500km along with various short range missiles with ranges of 180km to 300km. all these missiles have been tested by the Pakistan’s strategic forces at various times successfully. Pakistani missiles are equipped with maneuverable reentry vehicle (MARV) with active radar guidance for low CEO of less just like like US Pershing II