Jeffrey LewisWohlstetter Book

You know how people dig throwback jerseys?

I was surprised when I saw the cover the Bob Zarate’s edited volume on Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter, Nuclear Heuristics. It’s a throwback cover, directly referencing Roberta Wohlstetter’s classic, Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision.

Of course, the cover photo for Pearl Harbor shows the US fleet as a smoking ruin; the cover of Nuclear Heuristics shows Albert and Roberta. Not sure if that is some comment on their marriage or what.

(Actually, I am looking at my life size copy. The fleet might not be a smoking ruin — the picture is grainy. Maybe that’s just my dominant image of Pearl Harbor, which my mind’s eye imposed.)

Anyway, you can download the whole thing from the Strategic Studies Institute.

You can also see bibliographies of Albert and Roberta’s published works, etc. at Bob’s site, Albert


  1. John F. Opie (History)

    Hi –

    The picture looks to me to be one of those taken by the Japanese right before they attacked Pearl Harbor (a kind of pre-attack photo to identify which ship was where for any sort of post-attack assessment using models), taken by one of the first aircraft over the fleet. There were several aircraft tasked with this, if I remember correctly.

  2. yale Simkin (History)

    The image looking across Ford Island towards Battleship Row.

    The ship second from the left is the Arizona.