Jeffrey LewisGreetings from Aldermaston

Or, well, Basingstoke. I am attending the PONI conference at the Atomic Weapons Establishment.

I am recovering from jet lag, but should be back to posting soon.


  1. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    Just a short note to those who wonder where I am… I am busy sorting out the difference between Credit Default Swaps exposure, counterparty risks, and LIBOR spreads.

    It is interesting to note that the G7 finance ministers meeting was just held in Washington sans one former participant that made it G8.

    Even more interesting to note the absence of the one country that can make or break the Global bail out…. with a few spare trillions to spend if the right project came along.

    I wonder what it would do to global arms control if the DOW ends up at 3,000, and the US end up with a 5 trillion dollar bill for the recovery?

    In comparison, the $700 billion spent on war with Iraq looks cheap!

    Imagine a carrier battle group having to run up a credit card bill for fuel and support to sail around San Francisco bay!

  2. LowObservable (History)

    Basingstoke? God help you. Avoid the Red Lion.

  3. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    Yeah … we learned that when our taxi driver volunteered that “Basingstoke is a Sh*thole.”

    We did eat at a good Indian restaurant called The Towers, though.

    Check this out.