Jeffrey LewisGreetings from Jacksonville

Well actually Yulee, Florida — home of the White Oak Conservation Center.

Sorry about the light posting of late. James is relocating to the US and I am here in Florida wrapping up a couple of days at a conference sponsored by the National Security Network and the Howard Gilman Foundation.

I’ve got lots of good stuff though, that I will try to share over the next few weeks.

And, yes, those conference-goers are petting a cheetah.


  1. Steven Dolley (History)

    Nice kitty…niiiiiiiiice kitty…

  2. user_hostile (History)

    Hmm…I suppose if something did happen, it would be on YouTube by now

  3. Jim (History)

    I note the photographer is on the wrong side of the fence…

  4. Robot Economist

    Is anyone else wondering what Jeffery was doing inside the cheetah’s enclosure?

  5. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    My iPhone camera is significantly smaller than the openings in the fence.