Jeffrey LewisACT Blog

Arms Control Today has a blog to allow readers to comment on recent articles in the magazine.

There is some new content as well, such as a list of ACA recommendations for Nuclear Vacation.


  1. Major Lemon (History)

    Best nuclear vacation in the UK this summer is North Wales. Be sure to bring a Geiger counter along with your walking boots and binoculars as several hundred square miles received fallout from Chernobyl in ’86. Beautiful hills, lakes, mountains and the occasional two headed sheep.

  2. Dan Arnaudo (History)

    The whole website has been redone from the ground up, although we’ve tried to keep the basic look the same. Don’t be fooled! We have a new database that allows for RSS feeds, tagged content and better searches. Come on over to to check us out. And thanks for the props, we hope to make user generated content and commenting a regular fixture as we develop the site.