Jeffrey LewisBang!

CNN has more video of the Yongbyon Cooling Tower being destroyed — although most of it comes with annoying adverts.

I observe that Sung Kim, Director of the Office of Korean Affairs at the Depatment of State, and Kevin Veal, from Los Alamos National Laboratory and leader of DOE Disablement Team A, are wearing suits in what looks to be hot and humid weather. (Veal called to confirm it isn’t him — anybody know who it is?)

The rest of the DOE team appears to be chillaxing in t-shirts and short-sleeves.


  1. BJR

    Are you sure that is Kevin Veal with Kim?

  2. Eric

    North Korea has acted now the people of the United States must act to keep the nuclear disarmament ball rolling!

    The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is circulating an Appeal to the Next US President, calling for US leadership for a nuclear weapons-free world.

    You can read it and sign online at

  3. R. Kelly (History)

    Makes for great headlines but what really matters lies ahead.