Jeffrey LewisRapture

Standing on the metro this morning, I noticed the above.

I wasn’t really sure whether the artist was warning against the subpop indie rockers or CBGB favs, but the iPod remained dance-punk free for the duration of the ride.


  1. Allen Thomson (History)

    Perhaps it’s an antireligious message? Come to think of it, what happens if the Rapture comes and you’re underground?

  2. Stephen Young (History)

    Pardon me if this is obvious, but I’m thinking it’s not IPod, but IGod, and the miraculous rising of bodies from this earth when Jesus returns. See: and “all true Christians alive on the earth are simultaneously transported to meet the Lord.”

  3. Crash Random (History)

    what happens if the Rapture comes and you’re underground

    The Hand of God will dig for you, somewhat like unearthing a potato.

  4. abcd (History)

    Hopefully the good Lord just takes their souls, not their bodies; that way all of those Left Behind can then rummage through piles of soul-less corpses for their wallets…

  5. Allen Thomson (History)

    > those Left Behind can then rummage through piles of soul-less corpses for their wallets…

    A most excellent insight! I’m pretty sure that I, as a (actually, the) Provisional Transcendental Materialistic Reductionist am going to be Left Behind. Having all that extra cash won’t hurt.

  6. What Liz Said (History)

    Damn, there goes my plan for tomorrow. The metro big wigs can be such kill joys.

  7. CosmicRay (History)

    Jeez, you Transcendental Materialistic Reductionists are always missing the obvious! The sign says “Don’t Participate in the Rapture Underground!” So don’t do it! Its as simple as that.

  8. JHC2

    I will let you all know 4 years from now

  9. Gridlock (History)

    OT, but Khan’s baaaaaaaaack:

    “In his first western media interview since 2004, Khan said the confession had been forced upon him by President Pervez Musharraf. “It was not of my own free will. It was handed into my hand,” he told the Guardian. More worryingly, he swore never to cooperate with investigators from the International Atomic Energy Agency, despite persistent fears that nuclear technology traded by his accomplices could fall into terrorist hands.

    “Why should I talk to them?” he said. “I am under no obligation. We are not a signatory to the NPT [nuclear non-proliferation treaty]. I have not violated international laws.” He said details of his clandestine nuclear supply network were “my internal affair and my country’s affair”.”


    “But for all his defiant talk, one subject remains out of bounds for Khan. Supporters claim he was made a scapegoat for Pakistani generals involved in nuclear trading. Khan refuses to discuss the issue. “I don’t want to talk about it. Those things are to forget about,” he said.”

    “Those things are to forget about” – all too many of those, these days.

  10. JP (History)

    When a storm stopped the metro at East Falls Church yesterday and I had to walk from East Falls to West Falls to catch the bus home, and it was pouring down torrential rain, I really, really wanted to be taken up in the Rapture…