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Greetings from Halifax!

I am attending a conference hosted by the Canadian International Council on U.S. Nuclear Strategy.

Joseph Pilat is giving a pretty good talk about NATO and nuclear weapons. I am playing around with my new toy (and no I couldn’t wait a month or so).


  1. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    Wait until you get your data roaming bill…

    Say hi to George from ORAE, who knows Brian David from long ago that decamped to the USA. I was BD’s roommate in the good old days at Carleton before I too, defected.

  2. J. (History)

    Give us a google-locate screen shot!

  3. peter zimmerman (History)

    Why ever do the Canadians have a conference on US nuclear strategy? Doesn’t exactly seem like their business, does it?

  4. Andy (History)

    Inquiring minds want to know if you’ve filled your new toy with music and fun stuff or satellite images of al kibar! 🙂

  5. Michael

    Careful — international roaming charges for data on the iPhone are very high outside the US; people have unwittingly run up bills in the thousands.

    (google “iPhone Canada roaming bill”)

    To avoid that, see: