Jeffrey LewisPoor Sichuan

I spent a few days last summer in Sichuan Province — including Dujiangyan, close to the epicenter of the earthquake, and Mianyang, now the headquarters for the relief effort and also hit very hard.

I still haven’t heard from any of my friends there, which is worrying me.

The pictures from Sichuan are just heartbreaking. I thought I would post a few pictures of Dujiangyan from happier times.

A field along the road from Mianyang to Dujiangyan (above).

The river at Dujiangyan (above).

A bridge across the river at Dujiangyan (above).


  1. jeff (History)

    It’s a very sad situation over there. Here in France they show a lot more of what the rescue effort is like than in the States. The images of seeing people stuck underneath the ruins and the heartbreak of parents discovering their sons and daughters dead once they are pulled out is unfathomable.

  2. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    I have seen more than enough heartbreaking pictures.

    The school collapses really bother me.

    If anyone is going to Mianyang, I’ve got some friends I’d like to check up on. Drop me a line at

    armscontrolwonk AT gmail DOT com

  3. Carl (History)

    It is indeed a very sad event. I too have spent some time in the towns and villages of mountainous Sichuan and it’s hard to comprehend the level of destruction that they’ve endured. Thankfully the government’s response has been immediate, transparent, and most importantly overwhelming. Let’s hope this spirit continues throughout the long recovery process this region will now have to face.

  4. mark F (History)

    what a beautiful place.

  5. Vic (History)

    I was in Chengdu last year and met some amazing people. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately. The whole thing is just heart-breaking.

  6. Marc Walton (History)

    Sichuan one of the most beautiful places on earth. I have many friends and family in Chengdu, Dujinangyan and other surrounding cities. So far they have been blessed and are alive and ok. It breaks my heart to see so much pain and destruction in the region. Just remember to prey diligently for them. I love the people of Sichuan the have shown me great Love.