Jeffrey LewisHappy Hour, Big Hunt, Th @ 6:00

James Acton is going to be in town to give a couple of talks — one at AEI and the other, Nuclear Mind Reading: Iran’s Nuclear Intentions and the IAEA at the New America Foundation on Wednesday at 12:15. (RSVP)

To celebrate, we are going to throw a Happy Hour at the Big Hunt on Thursday at 6:00.

Join me to toast James and (gently) mock his excruciating British-ness.


  1. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    God save the Queen!

    Tell James that in the United States, there are as many as 10,000 queens just within D.C. area.

    Don’t know how they make do with just one Queen where he is from.

  2. hass (History)

    Yeah, they’ll discuss Iran’s “intent to develop the capacity to have a nuclear weapons option.” That about covers all contingencies. Gotta love it.

  3. elizzar (History)

    mock us brits at your peril, remember we are only lending you the colonial states until we deem you have grown enough to be allowed back into the empire …

  4. Vanoce (History)

    re elizzar’s comments – judging by their performance over the last 8 yrs that may take a while!

  5. Coyote (History)

    I will be in D.C. next week, but I fly out Thursday night! What a RIP-OFF to miss the Big Hunt Happy Hour with James! Oh, well, I am actually sitting in “Lord of the Moon” Pub in London as I write this. English ale…mmmmmmm.