Jeffrey LewisAreva's Big Ol' Back End

French nuclear power company Areva has a cartoon touting the the reprocessing of plutonium though as far as I can tell they use neither “reprocess” or “plutonium.”

They stick to “recycling” and “fuel” to make it sound green and friendly.

The have another video set to, no kidding, Funky Town by Lips. (second Areva ad)


  1. Plutonium Page (History)

    Oh my God. That’s hilarious. My husband and I are sitting here laughing our butts off.

    Groovy! Now that’s going to be stuck in my head all day. Thanks a lot, Jeffrey 😉

    It looks like this Röyksopp video.

  2. ACW reader

    Sent to me by a friend, a little biased but still amusing: