Jeffrey LewisOff to Singapore

Well off to Singapore (after a short romp in Tokyo) for a workshop hosted by the Brookings Institution and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, entitled A New Nuclear World Order: Asian Perspectives.

I can’t believe someone pays me to do this.


  1. Andy (History)

    If you thought beer in Scandinavia was expensive, just wait until you order yourself a Singapore Sling. Hopefully you get an expense account.

  2. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    Singapore at this time of the year is delightful —- not too hot, not too cold.

    Be sure you enjoy the tropical fruits there —- like real Indian mangos, which must be irradiated before it can come to the USA, making them scarce and expensive (if you can find them at all).

    It took 17 years of negotiations to get these tasty and delicious fruits into the USA.

    So for those who are complaining about Indian foot dragging on the Nuclear Agreement…

    Oh… Jeffrey, don’t forget, you are paid in US Dollars, which is quite noticeable when you travel. Maybe in your next reincarnation you can be paid in Euros or Gold?

    Enjoy your travels!

  3. hass (History)

    Look I can summarize the “New Nuclear Wolrd Order” for you if you’d rather go sightseeing:

    “We the big powers want to legitimize a way of monopolizing nuclear power for ourselves, lest those dirty little countries find a way of getting it, and so we’re going to need to come up with a new paradigm to justify it all.”


    Now go to Raffles or something.

  4. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    The 2008 edition of Military Power of the PRC is now available.

    Here is the link:

    Let’s start a thread to discuss!

  5. Allen Thomson (History)

    > The 2008 edition of Military Power of the PRC is now available.

    > Let’s start a thread to discuss!

    Second the motion! Some interesting stuff about the DF-31 and DF-31A being fielded, a DF-21-based antiship missile in development, etc.

    Speaking of the DF-21, are they still in production?