Jeffrey LewisGreetings from Oslo

The Director-General of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that he wants to make sure that “what happens in Oslo, does not stay in Oslo.” He meant the efforts toward disarmament, but good to know none the less when kicking back in the bar here at The Grand Hotel.

On the other hand, Corey Hinderstein points out that there are public and private sessions:

Only the public sessions will be webcast. They include the opening by Foreign Minister Store, keynotes from Secretary Shultz, Senator Nunn, and Director General El Baradei, and the closing session. For the schedule, see

Will try to post more later.


  1. BJR

    wow woo wow we!

  2. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    Yes, some of the guests are staying on that floor.

    We had a good laugh about that the other evening.

  3. hass (History)

    What you’re missing:

    A Solution for the US–Iran Nuclear Standoff by Pickering, Walsh, Luers

  4. Jeffrey Lewis (History)

    Yes, a view that I generally support.

  5. hass (History)

    Too bad, because it landed with a dull thud. Instead, the US has demanded that Iran not only suspend enrichment but also “confess” to making bombs.