Jeffrey LewisOff to Oslo!

James Acton and I will both be in Oslo this week for a conference, Achieving the Vision of a World Free of Nuclear Weapons, hosted by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry and the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

Even if you can’t join us, you can watch on-line.

The Norwegians are knee-deep in this stuff because they are part of the 7 Nation Coalition with Australia, Chile, Indonesia, Romania, South Africa and the United Kingdom committed to “practical, systematic and progressive efforts to advance nuclear disarmament globally and reduce nuclear weapons towards a world free of nuclear weapons.”

I couldn’t resist sharing Morten Andersen’s wonderful photograph of Statues by Gustav Vigeland in Frogner Park while looking for things to do.


  1. abcd (History)

    Say hello to Bob for me.

  2. Corey Hinderstein

    Only the public sessions will be webcast. They inlcude the opening by Foreign Minister Store, keynotes from Secretary Shultz, Senator Nunn, and Director General El Baradei, and the closing session. For the schedule, see

  3. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    If that sculpture was in the DOJ lobby, would someone have insisted on it being covered up, just like the 1,000 days of missing emails?

    Imagine the progress made since the 18 1/2 minute gap during the Nixon era —- now the gap is millions of emails on RNC servers!

    The scale of the cover ups have grown !