Jeffrey LewisSpace Race With China?

Gregory Kulacki and I are doin’ the China ASAT talk again at the New America Foundation, Space Race with China?, on Tuesday at 12:15.

Here is a short version of the invite; the whole thing is on the NAF website. (While you are at it, check out our spiffy, new website.)

Space Race With China?
The Chinese Anti-Satellite Test and U.S.-China Relations in Space

Start: 02/12/2008 – 12:15pm
End: 02/12/2008 – 1:45pm

New America Foundation
1630 Connecticut Ave, NW 7th Floor
Washington, 20009
United States

It will be an updated version of the talk we gave at Carnegie in November (For a review of that talk, see my posts, Why’d They Do It? and Follow Up on the ASAT Talk).


  1. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    Let’s hope some promotion hungry PLA General don’t preemptively launch an ASAT at USA 193 when it passes over Chinese territory over the next few days before the US shoots it down.

    Imagine the fun if MOFA of Beijing finds out about this shoot down after the fact.

    I can just picture the mad scramble for justification by Beijing…. that USA 193 intruded on Chinese airspace and that it is posed a hazard to Chinese population centers and have to be brought down safely over the Gobi desert!!!

    Then they will send the US an invoice for the cost of removing this hazard to space navigation.