Jeffrey LewisBlog Of Note: Atomic City Underground

If you followed the arrest of the Roy Lee Oakley — the Oak Ridge contractor who took a couple of broken sections of a gaseous diffusion barrier home and tried to sell them rather ineptly to France (no, I can’t make this up) — you read some pretty damned fine reporting by the Knoxville News-Sentinel‘s Frank Munger.

Well, now our friend John Fleck (a pretty damned fine reporter himself) points out that Munger has his own blog, Frank Munger’s Atomic City Underground.

Check it out.


  1. Joseph Logan (History)

    As a Tennesean myself, this sort of falls under the category of redneck incompetence, something we’ve seen before. Not sure why we keep nuclear material so close to Tennesee Vols fans, who have certainly had cause to retaliate against Alabama, but the thing is what it is. Oak Ridge, to my experience, is a little too accessible. That said, I reckon the situation would be similar anywhere there is an interest. Alas and alack.