Jeffrey LewisPersbo on Disablement

Andreas Persbo has a great post on disabling the North Korean reactor at Yongbyon:

It is going to be chilly in North Korea this week. Temperatures at the Yongbyon nuclear complex will hover around zero degrees Celsius, but it will feel colder. There were relatively few clouds around on Wednesday, but they are assembling on the horizon, the quicksilver is expected to fall below zero by the weekend and snow is anticipated to fall. According to some observers, the buildings at the centre are old and dilapidated, due to inadequate funding, crumbling infrastructure, and many years of suspension. With the reactor switched off, the residents of the centre have to rely on the North Korean national grid for its power. No wonder that the bulkiest item on the inspectors list was a portable generator.


  1. Yale Simkin (History)

    Why the crew needs to bring their own power generators and, if they thought ahead, thermal long undies:

    Night view of Korean Peninsula:

  2. Lao Tao Ren (History)

    Forgive me for being me….

    Where are they going to find the fuel for the generators?

    Are they bringing their own?

    If they rely on local supplies, DPRK might insist on any fuel used for the visits to be charged against the fuel oil they are getting to shut down their nuclear program.

    If I were going to do that job…. I would bring some Scotch for…. anti freeze in my veins, if not for warmth.